Education Consulting

Ready to enroll your child in a competitive preschool? Want them to succeed in high school? Diana Singer works with students of all ages to help them achieve their academic goals. She also consults with parents to teach them the details of applying to competitive local schools and preparing their children for success.

Private Teaching

Diana Singer takes a hands-on approach to private lessons, customizing each student’s  program to fit his or her needs. She works not only to teach basic concepts, but also to instill confidence and a love of learning in her students . Her methods reflect her philosophy that the best students are ones who are taught to love to learn from an early age.

College Counseling

Mrs. Singer breaks down the college admissions process so that it is not stressful or complicated. She understands that preparations begins by achieving success in high school and will work with college-bound students as young as 8th grade. Services include:

  • Guidance on course and extra curricular selection, beginning in 8th grade

  • 9th to 11th grade academic enrichment

  • Writing enrichment for success in high school academics, college admissions tests, and application essays

  • Guidance on college admissions essays, from brainstorming to revision

  • College choice consulting

  • Visiting and evaluating perspective college campuses with students

Lecture and Small Group Speaking

Topics include but are not restricted to:

  • What do private schools admissions really want to see from your family and child when applying?

  • What to expect from nursery school, kindergarten, and beyond.

  • Empowerment skills for your child.

  • Raising independent, empowered children.

  • How to discipline effectively.

Additional Services

  • Preparation for private school admissions.

  • School interview preparation, including help with speaking, body language, and self-confidence.

  • Assimilation and success in both public and private schools.

  • Test preparation for private and boarding schools.

  • SSAT and ISEE Review.