College counseling: student perspectives

Mrs. Singer’s help was invaluable in my college application process. Her expertise and knowledge were evident every step of the way, from narrowing down college choices to essays and supplements. I recommended Mrs. Singer to a number of my friends, and those that used her services came away with the same impression. I would gladly recommend her again. - Alex K. (student at McGill University)

Mrs. Singer was very helpful throughout my college application process. From the beginning, she helped me choose which colleges to visit and to narrow down my college choices to fit my preferences. She was great help in preparation for interviews, and in helping me brainstorm ideas for my essays, editing my work, and making sure everything I submitted was of the best quality. Most importantly, she allowed me to take the lead in my applications and pushed me to write about the things that I am passionate about and that are unique to who I am. I loved working with Mrs. Singer!! - Vicky P. (student at Georgetown University)

I had no idea how or what to write for my common application. Mrs. Singer helped me understand what I wanted to say in my common application and supplements  without ever writing a word. - Anne D. (student at Georgetown University)

In 10th grade Mrs. Singer helped me with my writing which made taking the SAT and writing the common application and supplements much easier. She was great to talk to and encouraged me to time manage better and calm down. - Ben S. (student at Duke University)

Mrs. Singer helped me understand and write more effectively so I did better Junior year. She is always patient and fun to work with. She then suggested and helped me with college applications. - John C. (student at Washington University in St. Louis)

College counseling: parent perspectives

Mrs Singer is a positive, enthusiastic educator who greatly influenced and lobbied for our son’s subsequent admission and attendance to Harvard University. - Joan & David K.

We found Mrs. Singer in October when our son needed to complete his early common application. His writing was confusing and his common application weak. Our public school was giving him little support. We were so pleased with Mrs. Singer’s dedication and support! We know she helped him significantly with being accepted to his first choice at Georgetown University. - Sharon and Greg C.

After being responsible for our son’s success in 8th grade from teaching him how to write effectively to organizing his desk furniture, Diana is still helping our son in 11th grade! She has gotten him motivated, focused and has advised us on what classes and extra-curriculum activities are best for college. She has started to advise us on colleges and is very knowledgable and patient! - Claire and Boyd G.

Our daughter is in the 11th grade now and Diana has taught her organizational and writing skills for 2 years. In that time, her grades have gone from low Bs to an A average. We are now using Diana for enrichment and also as a college consultant. My husband and I are so impressed with her dedication and experience. - Andrea